Sick Humor -- Laughing Amidst Illness and Pain

Work with me, people!

Living with Polly (yes, I've personified Polycythemia Vera), is not a walk in the park on a sunny day.

If laughter is the best medicine, I'm looking for an overdose!

Goodness knows that those of us living with chronic illnesses take more than our share of chemicals.  We feel like human beakers in a chemistry lab.

So this is the area where I share some of the sick humor that comes to my mind or that I find from other sick individuals. Enjoy!


Before going in for my Bone Marrow Biopsy, I decided to find some levity in this upcoming procedure. So I asked my daughter to draw me some "rumper stickers" the night before the big poke.  On my upper right cheek, she wrote "Private Property" and on the upper left she wrote "Bad 2 the Bone" -- each in a bright colored sharpie pen.   Some that we ruled out:  "Lipo while ur at it"    "Ouch!"    "Plz B Gentle"

When the nurses were getting the blankets situated on me in the procedure room, one of them looked down and said, "Oh, my!"  I told them that I hoped the doc has a sense of humor.  She said, "We'll let him find this himself."

Here's a little ditty I wrote to the tune of "Tomorrow" from Annie the musical.

Ode to the Bone Marrow Biopsy:

The needle will draw
bone marrow
Bet your bony bottom
that tomorrow
Won't be fun

Just thinkin' about
bone marrow
Crunching sounds and
aspirating needle
Hope I'm numb

When I'm stuck in the rump
Feel the thump
Hear the grinding
I just say Hurry Up
On me...

I have no doubt
bone marrow
will tell me to hang on
'til tomorrow
Tests delayed

Bone marrow! Bone marrow!
I love ya, bone marrow
You're keepin'
the MPNs
at bay

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