Monday, February 05, 2007

Woo Hoo -- We're LID!!!

Have we flipped our LID? Yes, we have! LID, in China adoption speak translates to "Log In Date" that is the date that the CCAA logs in our dossier. This is not the same as when they RECEIVE the dossier (that happened on January 2nd, 2007).

We rung in the New Year knowing that we were DTC on 12/28/2006.
What is DTC? That is when our Dossier was sent To China by our adoption agency.

Confusing? Try living through this amazing gestation process! We're already 11 months into it -- we began the paperchase in March, 2006. But none of the time (and emotional energy) expended counts on the "official" clock.

Can I consider this Robert's birthday present? His birthday is Wednesday...

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The Shoemakers said...

Yea, Marina and Robert! Congratulations on your LID. I know what you mean about already being in the process, but the countdown not actually starting until the LID. Ho, hum!
Happy Waiting!