Sunday, November 25, 2007

An Open Letter of Gratitude

Now that I am home recuperating and my brain is clear of the anesthesia and other life-saving medications, I need to share my sincere and humble gratitude with all who played a role in saving my life beginning on October 14, 2007. This is no small matter to me and my family. My 13 year old daughter Katrina and 11 year old son Alexander are so happy to have their mom back at home! Robert and I never expected to have this kind of challenge in our lives at such an early age. We are so truly blessed.

To the women and men who chose careers in medicine – “thank you” is not enough. All that schooling and residencies, all that tuition, today’s health care environment – and still you get up every day to share your best selves and help others.

Special thanks to the amazing Kaiser Permanente doctors and Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia!

I am thankful for the NG tube that pumped out 2.5 liters from my stomach and gave me some relief when I arrived at Northside. I was so dehydrated when I arrived that the promise to swallow liquid and the tube seemed like nothing.

Dr. Darryl Tookes and his team saved my life with the emergency surgery that was done just in time. I was in the most excruciating pain I’ve ever encountered (yes, worse than pitocin-induced labor!) when we met. Your calm presence put me at ease.

Dr. David Brodeur took great interest in my circumstances to search for answers. What we learn will not only help me, but may be of great value to my children and siblings.

Dr. Mooney removed the NG tube like it was nothing and provided great follow-ups my last week in the hospital.

Dr. Kristyn Greifer regarded me as a whole woman and ordered tests that provided important information that will help guide future gynecological decisions. The time and patience she shared with me and my family are priceless!

Dr. Vickie Wilson orchestrated my follow up care. I am following her kind but stern warning to slow down and let my body heal. It is not easy, as you know, but I don’t want to see her in the hospital again.

And my gratitude goes to the lab and radiology techs who gathered the information to help the doctors make informed decisions.

The nurses and patient technicians are wonderful and appreciated, too! I don’t remember everyone’s names, but please know that you do truly make an impact on your patients with your smiles, positive attitudes and kind words.

To my mom and dad -- you dropped everything to be with me and my family for two long weeks! Your presence and love helped me more than you will ever know.

So many kind people pitched in and helped my family with the most delicious meals, running the kids around, driving me places before I got my wheels back... we are so grateful for the village that surrounded us with unconditional love and support!

I am thankful for your thoughtfulness, prayers, and warm wishes. My life is a testament to the power of positive energy, be it called prayer, thought, words, or Reiki. I promise you that I felt the love from so many when I was in the hospital. My mother believes that is why I am here today to write about it.

With humble and sincere gratitude,


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