Friday, March 06, 2009

Middle School Rollercoasters

Living with middle schoolers is like riding a roller coaster. Here's why:

1. You know the ups and downs are coming, but they still manage to upset your stomach.
2. If you don't strap youself in, you'll be in for emotional bumps and bruises.
3. You feel like raising your hands in the air and screaming out loud.
4. Squeals of delight can turn into shrieks of fear for no apparent reason.
5. The person next to you goes from being "cool" to grabbing onto you for protection in a nanosecond.
6. Just when you think everything is level and calm, there is another dive around the corner.
7. You feel a bit off balance when the ride is over, but you'd do it all over again!
8. The ride creates fond memories and funny stories for everyone.

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