Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Feeling better every day

Today was the fourth consecutive nap-free day -- yeayyy!

More good news: I'm down to one phlebotomy per week. We broke my record on Monday: 30 minutes to draw 1 pint.
My hematocrit is down to 52 (we're heading for 45), out of the danger zone.
Blood pressure back to good range; no more blood-shot eyes.

I started taking the chemo pills (HU) before bedtime and that seems to help me sleep at night (and therefore less drowsy during the day).

It's been two challenging months -- the symptoms, the tests, the diagnosis, and commencing treatment...
So much for which to be grateful: wonderfully supportive family and friends, attentive physicians and nurses, scientists who study stem cells, and better living through chemistry...

If you enjoy good health, please take a moment right now to breathe deeply and appreciate.
Keep the quality in your life... live, love and laugh!

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David & Connie said...

Thinking about you, Marina and sending good vibes your way. Love you!