Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She's Drivin' Miss Daisy

Those of you driving around Duluth should stay alert for a new driver -- my Katrina has her permit and is now driving me around town! She is very alert and has the best posture I've ever seen behind the wheel. My mom gave her some driving lessons in the Arena parking lot last month; that's when she learned about the invisible brake on the passenger side floor board.

It is a real gift to be able to share this new chapter with Katrina. I can say with certainty that November is going to be a much better month than were September and October from a health perspective. I am so happy to report that the phlebotomies and HU meds are working. The hematocrit is down to 41 (where it should be) and I am feeling like my old self again. The platelets have creeped up a little high (to 499), but this is part of the balancing act that I'll be managing with polycythemia vera.

I've just started a new project for GSTAND -- we're looking for best practices across the state where local jurisdictions are working with nonprofits to implement the Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds. I look forward to learning about some good successes in reclaiming neighborhoods harmed by concentrations of foreclosures. Stay tuned!

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